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Marriage (Male)

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ISLAMIC Marriage Page About Males

Here we enter your details for marriage, people visit and contact us for you. Then we inform you about him and if you are willing for him and give us permission to pass your contact information to that person then we pass your details and do pray for your best and happy married  life.

Please remember that we are just connecting you both but after that its your duty to know each other and families.

For this we charge £ 15 ( Fifteen Pounds) to publish your details for two Months and this money goes into the fund for those poor people who has no money for their Daughters 

marriage, so Please DONATE US and send your details which we publish here. If you are in the country where you can't use on-line credit or debit card secure payments or Paypal then you can send us by Western Union Mail us for that.


  1. Passport size Picture ( If You want to publish with these Details)
  2. Full Name---------------
  3. Father Name---------------( We do not show this on web)
  4. Age ------------------
  5. Country and City Of Living----------
  6. Nationality -------------------
  7. Cast----------------------
  8. Sect -------------- ( Sunni, Shia, etc.)
  9. Hight --------------
  10. Body ---------------- ( Slim, smart, Fat etc.)
  11. Marital Status -------------- ( Single, Widow, Divorced etc.)
  12. Kids ( If any)------------ (Boys Girls with ages and their livings)
  13. Want Kids ------------ (Yes / No)
  14. Languages you can speak ----------------
  15. Education ------------------
  16. Occupation ------------------
  17. Disability (If any)----------
  18. Bride preferred age---------- ( Minimum to Maximum)
  19. Bride preferred Nationality (If any)----------
  20. Bride preferred cast (If any)----------
  21. Bride preferred Sect (If any)----------
  22. Bride preferred Living Country and city ( If any)----------
  23. Bride preferred Occupation ( If any)----------
  24. Bride preferred Marital status (If any)----------
  25. Bride preferred Hight (If any)----------

  1. Contact Person Name----------- (My self, Parents, Guardian)
  2. Contact Person's E-mail------------------
  3. Contact Person's Mobile Number---------
  4. Contact Person's Phone Number---------- 


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London, United Kingdom

I am Bukhari Syed and doing "Taweez for love, Taweez for marriage, Taweez for husband and wife, Taweez for wealth, Taweez for success, Taweez for luck etc.". Since 1990.

if you were talking to yourself without hesitance Someone whose one smile can make your day and no matter what
if you were talking to yourself without hesitance Someone whose one smile can make your day and no matter what